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Hi guys, and welcome once again to another BargainBrute.Com short informational narrative. Today we will take a look at the "Beauty and Personal Care" online industry, plus a few of some my own beautiful sights I have seen on my travels around our world. A world which everyday we humans seem to be attempting to destroy.

The environmental effect which pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PCPs) have on our world are many. So it is not hard to understand just why these effects are being examined by our world health authorities, who over the past few years have linked the use of cosmetics and farming chemicals, usually used to boost the growth of crops and livestock, to an alarming increase in the development of poisonous toxins and chemicals so deadly that under normal circumstances we would not be allowed anywhere near them.

Authors note: An indicator of just how large a problem this is can be seen when we realize that there are more than twenty million tons of PPCPs generated every single year and if current trends continue, which is more than likely, this massive generation of poisonous toxins is set to get more extensive, at least within the foreseeable future.

Where do these poisonous toxins end up? The simple answer is everywhere, especially within the world's freshwater sources. So it is no wonder that the world's health authorities are investing vast sums of money in evaluating the ongoing risks of toxicity and bioaccumulation.

Authors note: I have to say while researching this short narrative I had no idea of just what "bioaccumulation" was, so had to look it up on the internet. It turns out to be a simple process which causes the gradual influx of poisonous toxins such as pesticides, just to mention one, to build up so quickly in our bodies that our bodies cannot get rid of them in the usual way, causing the body's immune system, more or less, to shut down, which in turn causes our bodies to react against them in such a way that many deadly illnesses become apparent, including Cancer, Birth Defects, and leukaemia just to mention a few.

Will this problem get worse? The answer is a simple yes. As our conventional sewage treatment plants have been so overworked they no longer can get rid of most of these poisons and when this happens these deadly chemicals mix with our drinking water, which then go on to cause fatal diseases such as birth defects in our unborn infants and cancers, just to name two.

OK guys, that's the bad stuff out of the way. Lets now take a look at the true wonderments of beauty and personal care.

I have to say one of the most beautiful sites I have seen was when I was serving in the military. We were steaming in the mid-Pacific ocean and had just crossed over the equator. The sun was just starting to go down, there was not a sound, just the hum of the ship's engines which you were so used to hearing that you really did not notice it.

Then, as the sun reached the horizon, a giant sun I should say, it cast a beautiful golden reflection which caused the waves to be tipped with what seemed like gold-tinted paper foil. Then, as the sun began its quick slide beneath the waves, the whole area which stretched from the ship I was on to the horizon, turned into a crimson lake of gently rocking wave tops. Yes, it was a site of immense beauty which I will never forget, a site which when I am feeling just a bit down I often reflect back on.

Then, of course, perhaps one of the most beautiful sites on our planet is the first time you see as you delicately pick up your newborn baby and looked down into eyes which has, as of yet, not seen any of the terrible things humankind has done to our planet. Yes, of all the sites in the world, the first look at your newborn baby has to be the most beautiful.

However, it would seem not all are what shall I say, naturally beautiful, or to put it another way pleasing to the eye. Mind you, I guess the old saying that "beauty is in the beholder," should be mentioned here as many of us, it would seem, do not think that we are anything like beautiful. So much so that in just one year we helped the beauty industry in America to generate a whopping $532 billion in revenue, all caused just because we humans were not it would seem, happy with how we looked.

Yes, we went out there and purchased everything from deodorants and aftershaves just to improve our look and smell. What a vain bunch we are.

Authors note: Now would be a good time to mention our hosts BargainBrute.Com, recently voted America's favorite place to shop online. Pop over and give them a look, they have an extraordinary "Beauty and Personal Care section" in their online store, which stocks, I have to say, all the best cosmetics and health products you could ever need. What's more, they will ship it all to you directly to your door, usually the same day of the order or at the most day after, so pop over and join their family of American online shoppers, I think you will be glad that you did.

Well, my friends, we have come to the end of this short narrative, I do hope you enjoyed reading. On behalf of all the team members at BargainBrute.Com I wish you all a wonderful time and stay out of harm's way while doing it.

Kind Regards hope to see you again later.

Kind Regards and stay safe.



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