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4 health and beauty tips for men to grow a thick & luscious beard

Beard is the new black!

One of the greatest health and beauty trends in men’s history is the current fad of growing stubble or a beard and pulling it off with complete panache. This trend has been here for a while now and thankfully, it does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

Men will admit it – the moment they move their fingers through their beard, they instantly feel satisfaction and a certain boost in confidence. Even the ladies love a man with some irresistible facial hair. That being said, growing and maintaining a beard in its full glory is definitely not a straightforward or an easy task. This will need just as much attention and management as anything.

If you are up for it, we have got some tips for you that will help you grow a beard and maintain it to keep looking great. Man up and get ready!

1. Shave all your facial hair – Do it!

When you have decided to grow a beard, the first thing you need to do is get clean shaven. Sounds weird? Well, your face is the playing field for your beard, you must look to start from scratch and give your facial hair the nice, clean start it deserves. Remember to use a razor such as American Safety Razor Tri-Flexxx that is light on skin and does the job exceptionally well. You will not be shaving for months now, make sure you do it right.

2. Be patient – It’s the key here too!

Once you have shaved, leave your facial hair alone and do not touch it no matter what. And remember, a beard does not grow overnight. You will probably need to wait for months to grow a beard and finally be able to look into the mirror in awe of it. The equation is simple – if you do not have enough patience, you cannot have a beard. Therefore, wait a little more before giving in to the frustration.

3. Know when to trim and how much – It’s the trickiest part!

Once you have let your facial hair grow for weeks, it’s time you check if you need any trimming. Regular trimming is crucial to allow your beard to grow the way it is supposed to, with right texture and in right direction. Letting the beard grow is an easy job but its maintenance can be tough, and that’s where most men fall short. 

4. Use products – The right ones!

When your beard has grown enough where you can roll your fingers through it, you should now make sure it grows out all healthy. And for that, you can use Beard Balm. Like anything else, your beard needs proper nourishment to grow thick and bushy while looking extremely classy. Beard Balm will ensure that your beard gets all the nourishment and moisturizing it needs. The right product like this can also treat the split ends, dryness and tangles.

Men look great with a beard. Not saying that clean shaven men are not good-looking, but men with a luscious, full-of-luster beard have always been the flag-bearers of machismo and style. Grow a beard and be one of them.






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