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rules from the sporting goods store if you want to be a better basketball player

The love for basketball knows no age.  Shopping with mom and dad at the sporting goods store.  Children who want to be like Mike start dribbling young, and the tussle on the court continues as they enter adulthood. Striving to be the better man on the court is what made our basketball icons the legends they are. Kobe achieved what he did because of his competitive fire and a work ethic that followed through. Blood, sweat and tears is the name of the game. If you want to dominate the pickup games, you need to put in the hours, you need to have tunnel vision, and above all, you need to have a clear direction to channel your drive. We can help give you the direction you need.

If you want to torch your competition on the court and be a better basketball player than you were yesterday, here are 4 rules you should never forget.

1. Practice like there’s no tomorrow!

Stephen Curry swishes those threes with finesse and dead on accuracy but the price he paid to make the impossible possible is brute hard work. His college coach, Bob McKillop said that Curry was consistently the hardest working player at college and had a fire that raged him. You need to put in hours of practice to master every technique, every cross over, every shot and every move. You can develop rhythm and muscle memory if you practice enough on this Basketball return net and slowly but surely, you will achieve Mike’s no see free throw.

2. Make every repetition count

You should not forget that it’s more about quality than it is about quantity. A few  repetitions are much better than many sloppy ones. Remember you aren’t working to get through the drill - you’re working to get better. Focus on proper form and technique. Continuing to do many repetitions with incorrect form will only worsen your technique and impair your game. Make sure that you give your all in every drill that you do. Execute every move with game speed, proper technique, focus and explosiveness to annihilate competition when it’s time. For better grip on the ball, use a composite leather basketball and if you put in enough hours of drills, you’ll be breaking ankles in no time.

3. Push yourself outside your comfort zone

The correct shooting technique doesn’t come natural, nor is it comfortable. Similarly, dribbling low as the offense or defense is no piece of cake either but you need to embrace that and make yourself do more repetitions of these drills. Don’t give up because it feels odd, practice it enough and it’ll start coming to you naturally. With the passage of time, you will be able to master the moves that you initially found uncomfortable.

4. Bring intensity to the court

Make sure that your motivation to get better is internal and not external. Otherwise, you’re always going to need a push to practice with the level of intensity you ought to be practicing with. It doesn’t matter how boring or how hard the drill is, don’t slow down. If you are able to bring the level of competitive intensity to the court without having a coach yell your hair off, then you have mastered the art of being able to check your own self which will go a long way in many games to come.

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