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back to school is finally cool

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It’s the middle of July, and the scramble is on, parents and our schoolkids are racing to buy everything they require to go back to school. Yes, very soon, gone will be the endless nights of sitting around campfires and lounging under the midnight moon. Gone also are the morning lie-ins, the leisurely breakfasts, before going out fishing or merely sunbathing next to the pool. Very soon the country will be going back to school. The end of summer has come.

Did you know that parents with children who are attending elementary through high school will plan to spend, on average $700 for each and every child? That amounts to an astonishing total of 27.5 billion dollars nationwide. What will they be spending this on? Clothing tops the list at $237.00 per family, closely followed by $188.00 per family on electronics, (computers, phones, calculators etc.)  $139.00 on shoes and a further amount for other essential supplies such as lunch boxes, pencils, notebooks and backpacks. The list probably goes on and on.

The figures above are astounding. So it is, with no wonder that parents are struggling to meet this cost. A cost which just increases year after year. However, what if I told you that there is an online company who has recognized this difficulty?  They want to give their children the education they so richly deserve, and make sure your children get equal support.  Stop paying big box store prices and save money at

Meet BargainBrute.Com, voted the “best place to shop online in 2019,” with 49 separate online stores and a network of 97 warehouses scattered in every corner of the USA.  This is a company who has the fastest recorded delivery of any online store on the internet, what would you say? Sound worth looking into? Of course you would, then let's have a look at why they were voted the best place to shop online in 2019. is a family-run, online shopping mall who has recognized that families are more and more having to work longer hours, just to keep up with the cost of living. This is making the average family’s quality of life in one of the wealthiest countries in the world terribly low. For this reason, has created a process called “wholesale bargaining.” They ship all of their 3 million products directly to their customers front door, free of charge on most items, next day of order, at wholesale pricing from their extensive stock.

Today’s feature

As an added bonus for our readers, we thought we would add a short feature which has nothing to do with the articles main heading, it is added purely for the interest of our readers, I do hope you enjoy this very short feature.

When was the term “ computer” first used

Believe it or not, the first-ever recorded use of the word “computer,” was way back in 1613, and was used to describe a person who was able to perform calculations or computations. This definition remained in place until the end of the 19th century at the beginning of the industrial revolution, when man created the first mechanical machines utilized just for calculations.

Of course, today if you require an electronic computer or laptop for school use you can just visit the online electronics shop called the Colorado Technology Company.  Here you can order laptops and electronics at wholesale prices and it will be shipped directly to your home ready for your first day at school.

Now back to the article

As mentioned above, clothing tops the list at $237.00 per family and typically requires many visits to different store locations. It can be both frustrating, and as for cost well the above figure speaks for its self.

Luckily BargainBrute.Com has this covered with their vast clothing and shoe-store called Sarah's fashions, owned incidentally by 10 year old Sarah Vandergraph, one of Americas youngest entrepreneurs.  Why not pop over to Sarah’s Fashions online store by clicking this link and discover the enormous choice of fashions, shoes,  and accessories all at wholesale prices.  Everything is ready to be shipped directly to you, free of charge on most items. Quite frankly, if Sarah does not have it in stock, then it simply does not exist.

How else can BargainBrute.Com help me?,  apart from having discount pricing much lower than other well known online shopping malls like Amazon and Walmart, has managed to gain the respect and trust of their online consumers.  They always find different ways to reward their customers. Their half-off deals, and already integrated bargain coupons that they offer on a regular basis will save you so much money. No other online shopping mall comes anywhere close. They are continually searching for new ways to reward their customers so you can be absolutely sure that when you shop with BargainBrute, you are dealing with the best.

Let's face it, is a family-run online shopping mall company and who else is better qualified to know just what a family needs when out shopping for their back to school supplies than this loving American family. Because they have done it themselves and they have been part of the annual struggle to put their children back to school. So its no wonder has become the nation's number one online company for helping parents put their children back to school.

Give them a visit today, you will never regret it.  Join the BargainBrute.Com revolution and receive what others are getting. Good honest online deals, with one of the best return policies in the business. Feel what it's like to never be late for getting your children back to school supplies, and if during the process you are offered even more savings like their great already integrated bargain coupons just for shopping with them, all well and good.

Thank you for reading and for considering to be part of the BargainBrute.Com revolution, you will never regret it. So all I have left to do is to thank you once again and can I wish all your children every success in their up and coming academic studies for the next semester.

God Bless and thanks for reading

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