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must haves from baby stores for your newborn

They say moms make excellent entrepreneurs.  Taking on a monumental task such as bringing a new life into the world, equipping them to cope with the difficulties of the modern world, as well as shaping their personalities to make for decent human being is a challenge that perhaps only moms possess the grit to take on.

As brave and capable as mothers are, new ones always find themselves thinking “I wish I had known this before”.

Your new bundle of warmth, cuteness and cuddles can give you a run for your money if you’re learning as you go, or taking things as they come.  Knowing a few things beforehand can help you pass multiple little hindrances you will experience in your child’s first year.  A little diligence on your part while stocking your nursery can go a long way; you must have the things you’re going to need readily available.

Let’s go through some of the baby goods from baby stores you should have in ample supply for your newborn during your baby’s first year.

  1. Diapers: First things first; you can’t anticipate everything.  New moms know exactly what we mean.  If you’re tired, which most flabbergasted mothers are, and think you’ll just drive down to the store tomorrow (even though you’re out of diapers) because the baby usually doesn’t go during the night, then you’re trying your luck.  It’s better to stock up on diapers for whenever you may need it.  Always buy diapers in bulk. 
  2. Burp cloths: Your baby is going to burp out small quantities of ingested food from time to time.  Typically an hour or two after the feeding session, the baby will surely spit some out.  The clothes will get soggy more frequently than you’d like.  Burp cloths are the key to handling this problem.  Moms already have a lot on their plate, and changing clothes every couple of hours can be avoided with a burp cloth at your side to wipe off whatever your little one spews up immediately.
  3. Teething toys: Crying is the only real way your baby can communicate with you.  Every time the baby cries, it’s usually an indicator he/she doesn’t like something.  Teething is one of the causes for baby irritation.  Teeth making their way out of those soft gums can feel extremely agitating and babies need something to chew on.  Teething toys can work miracles when it comes to satisfying their need to bite on something and stimulating teeth outgrowth.
  4. Baby carrier: Your newborn is tiny and doesn’t weigh much, but carrying them still occupies one whole arm at least and that sets back the desperately needed multitasking for the mom by one whole arm.  Baby carriers are an excellent way to carry your baby wherever you go.  It will keep the baby engaged while still being carried around and allow you to get that load of laundry done, eat, and return that phone call.  Look for one that straps around your shoulders and waist to evenly distribute the baby’s weight to prevent excessive stress on the back.





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