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amazing baby facts and the chemicals we feed our babies

7 Ways Pregnant Women Affect Babies | Live Science


Amazing Baby Facts and the chemicals we feed our babies

Hi to one and all, and welcome to another short informational narrative made possible by our hosts, BargainBrute.Com, who were recently voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

Today, we take a look at some unique statistics of a newborn baby. I have to say while researching this narrative I was pretty amazed at some of the statistics the experts had made available for us adults to ponder over.

So let's start off with the simple question; How many babies are born each day in this already overpopulated planet of ours?

The United Nations tells us that about 385,000 babies are born each and every day, and that adds up to more than 140 million a year, all of who will join a world population estimated to grow to ten billion inhabitants by the year 2056.

One of the most dangerous conditions that a newborn baby has is that he or she does not have any form of immune system as the baby first has to be exposed to all the chemicals, either human-made or by Mother Nature herself, and until they build this immune system they are dangerously close to being infected which in many cases can result in infant death.

Yes, chemical exposure of newborn babies happens rapidly and quickly, and remarkably many babies are exposed to these harmful chemicals even before they are born and not just any chemicals. Let's put it this way, if you, an adult, was to be exposed to some of these harmful chemicals the chances are you would die. At the least, you would become extremely ill with life-threatening illnesses, illnesses so dangerous that you will probably die.

So the next time you look down at that cute little baby all snuggled down for the night in the safety of his or her cot, then remember that baby is resting in a place of extreme danger, breathing in an unimaginable cocktail of deadly poisons and fungus, many of which can cause instant death.

Just recently a group of scientists took a core sample of blood from a baby who had just been born, and when I say just been born, I mean within two minutes of the babies birth.

What they found was startling. In fact, it was hideous. They discovered that floating around in that newborn's bloodstream was a cocktail of close to three hundred synthetic manmade chemicals, and not just any chemicals, some were the most deadly chemicals known to man.

Two-hundred of these chemicals were known to cause brain and nervous symptom damage, two hundred and eight were linked to birth or abnormal development defects, and another one hundred and eighty were known to cause cancer, and the poor mite had not even left the comfort of his or her cot. Yes, the babies are born into a poisonous world, a toxic world made even more deadly each and every day by humankind, not Mother Nature, but by us.

So how are these poor babies exposed to these chemicals in the first place?

The simple truth is we all have at least seven hundred different toxic chemicals in our systems that were not there before the industrial revolution.

Of course, we do not mean to pass them onto our infants. Still, we do, they are passed onto them automatically, in the same way, that we put them into the Earth's atmosphere in the first place.

Then, of course, we are told by the medical profession that the best way to feed our infants is by breastfeeding and I could not agree more. However, even here we are passing on deadly poisonous chemicals and once again not just any toxic chemicals but the big ones, the most dangerous ones and I include "DDT," and many other toxic substances. Also, and amazingly, even fire retardant chemicals find their way into the Mother's breastmilk. In-fact, over thirty-five different fire retardants, and yes, all of them can have devastating consequences on your little newly born baby.

Authors note: Of these fire retardants one is from a group called "Brominated fire retardants," one of the most harmful chemicals found on the planet, and a chemical which damages the cognitive functions of the body. This is bad enough for an adult, but for a baby it can, and does, kill.

We also pass on some of these life-threatening toxins to our babies through the use of cosmetics, cleaning products, and even what we feed our newborns. Recent core blood tests have found considerable plastic contamination including "PVCs" which will, if left unchecked, once again kill. So remember to be extremely careful what you buy. I would advise that you only purchase baby products or foods from a quality assured company. 

Author's note: Pop over to our hosts BargainBrute.Com, recently voted America's most favorite place to shop online, and while you are there visit their baby section where you will find a host of top quality baby products and foods which you can be assured have passed all known quality checks.

Many infants chew toys, it is a natural thing for babies to do. Baby bottles and nipples are made of soft vinyl and the vinyl's softness is often produced by the utilization of "phyhalates," a highly lethal chemical that has been linked to higher risks of both Cancer and infertility.

Authors note: This highly dangerous chemical is not just a trace chemical it has been found everywhere, including within the urine of young ladies, making scientists believe that that is the reason why there are so many fetal abnormalities in animal test subjects.

So with the above in mind, you must be careful just what your baby chews on, and I include PVC toys, pacifiers, and teething rings, especially teething rings.

Well, guys, I do hope you enjoyed the read and hope to see you all once again for another BargainBrute short narrative.

So from all at BargainBrute.Com, and myself, we wish you all a safe and wonderful day.

Kind Regards and please stay safe.



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