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3 “car branded” tumblers that automotive enthusiasts simply need to buy

Every car guy or girl has at least some form of memorabilia in their house to commemorate their hobby and interest.  Some have key chains, while others have T-shirts, shoes, and much more.  Some people even have tattoos of their favorite car brands on their skin to show their passion and love for these mean machines.  If you’re a car guy or girl, boy have we got news for you!

There are some amazing branded tumblers you need to buy that are sure to speak volumes about your love for cars to your friends and family.  So without further adieu, here are some of the amazing car-branded tumblers for the car guy or girl that you simply need to buy.

1.     The Ford Branded Tumbler

The first car ever sold, the Model-A, was a two cylinder vehicle that could reach 30mph and was sold for a total of $850 in 1903 and is now with William Clay Ford, Jr., Ford’s current owner and Henry’s great-grandson.  Ford is also the world’s second largest family owned company.

From the company that has its origins deeply imbedded in the roots of modern day vehicles, comes the Ford brand set of 4 tumblers.  They are simply one of those collector’s items you just need to have as an enthusiast.

2.     The Chevrolet Branded Tumbler

Chevrolet cars are a roaring favorite among enthusiasts.  After all, they are the fourth largest car brand when it comes to sales.  Luxury and comfort are no strangers to Chevy, as they were the first ones to give built-in 4G LTE Wifi connectivity in their cars.

There are many myths regarding the logo.  Some say that it is modeled on the Swiss flag.  Others say that the founder, William C. Durant, was inspired by a Parisian hotel’s wallpaper, and doodled the design while he was having dinner.

From the car brand that is second to none, and was started back in 1911 by Durant, comes the Chevrolet brand.  It is one of those tumblers that you can’t afford to miss out on.

3.     The Mustang Branded Tumbler

Welcome to the All-American, born and bred, muscle car brand.  The Mustang was unveiled to an expecting audience at New York World’s fair on April 17, 1964.  At the same time that they were introduced, dealers flocked by the dozens to keep them at their showrooms with an MSRP of $2,368.

Contrary to popular belief, the name Mustang was initially pitched, by designer John Najjar, after a World War II plane called the P-51 “Mustang” fighter jet.  People couldn’t care less, so eventually a second pitch as a horse was well embraced by the audience, and that’s how the Mustang came to life.

The Mustang Branded Tumbler is the one to buy if you wish to celebrate the American, born and bred, classic muscle car brand.

Bonus: There’s a Corvette brand one available, too.

These branded Tumblers are the perfect companion for your coffee or dining table, and can be the perfect gift for your friends and family for holidays such as Christmas.  Which one will you buy?






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