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The Needle Compass our location detector

Hi, and welcome once again to another BargainBrute short informational narrative today we will take a look at one of human kinds most significant inventions, the compass, a device which will help you find your way back home even on the darkest of nights.

However, what if you had forgotten to pack your compass, what then would you do, well being the imaginative person you are you would simply make your own, so just sit back, and see how you can make a compass using only a needle, a little piece of cork and of course a magnet, not a strong magnet even one of those fridge door magnets will do, so let's get creative

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Wake up early on any morning, and you will catch the sun gradually rising over the easterly horizon, yes, it will rise at this exact position every single day, and while you are watching the sun rising you are looking due East, and at the same time you will also know that if you are standing watching this that due west will be directly behind you, as for the other points of the compass North and South and all the bits in between you will require a compass to find them, a compass we are now going to construct

A magnetic compass is a navigational implement used to indicate the four major points of the compass, North, East, South, and West. It is a simple piece of equipment composed of a magnetized needle that aligns itself with the earth's magnetic point north.

Authors note: One feisty sea captain when cast off his ship (Captain Bligh) by mutineers managed to sail in a small skip from the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic all the way up to London in the United Kingdom sailing up the river Thames to be greeted by military police who promptly arrested him and packed him off to jail where he would stay until he was put on trial some months later.

He was found not guilty and promptly given another ship which he used to sail down to the Caribbean in search of the mutineers who had set him adrift, he did find some of them who were then sent back to England to receive punishment

History tells us that they all settled on the island of "Pitcairn," they were to remain undiscovered until 1808, by which time all had died except for one man "John Adams," relatives of those mutineers still live there up until today, it is also said that most of those who died were murdered by their fellow shipmates

So, let us make our compass: First up you need that ever-important needle, and this can be made by a variety of different materials like "Paper Clip," A Razorblade," and even a "hairpin," which of course you will have to magnetize, a straightforward technique which takes just a few minutes

So how do I magnetize this piece of metal: All you have to do is to either continually tap it with another piece of iron or rub it back and forwards on an actual magnet which will magnetize the needle with static electricity and there you are done, relatively straightforward for anyone to do

Although as mentioned earlier refrigerator door magnets are suitable for doing the above, you can also buy magnets from craft shops, and I think our hosts BargainBrute have them in stock so pop over you will find them in their "Arts, Crafts & Sewing," section

Next up you need to cut your piece of cork to size then place the needle into the cork make sure you place it horizontally as this will be your indicator

Next up get a small jar and place about two inches of water in it then place your now made up compass onto the top of the water, the float with the needle will immediately spin until it reaches North and south before coming to a standstill, the only problem you have at this stage is that you will not know what end of the needle is North and what end is South, so you will have to check this out for yourself, once you have done this then it is advisable to mark the one end of the needle with some nail varnish generally placed on the northern end of the needle, and there you have it, you have made a basic compass

Authors note: When out in the wild you may not have access to water bottles or pieces of cork, however as long as you have a sewing kit which every camper should have, just take the needle out find leaf place the needle on the middle of the leaf, look for a small rain puddle and float your compass on the water, it will act just as well as it did in a glass jar

Well, folks now you will not get lost again, and it is all thanks to the magical compass you have just made using a small piece of cork, a needle, a fridge magnet and a small leaf if you happen to find yourself out in the wilderness without a glass jar

You all take care my friends, and I thank you for reading while here why not pop over to BargainBrutes "Arts, Crafts & Sewing," section, and you will probably find a compass already for use

Take Care and see you all soon

Kind Regards and stay safe


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