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rocky mountain aquariums

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Aquariums online shopping store. If there is a shoal by you, then a Rocky Mountain Aquarium online warehouse is situated nearby.

Located near the Rocky Mountains' foothills, this online aquarium outfitter has everything you will require to set up your aquarium for the first time, or if you are already one of the millions of tropical fish hobbyists, find all your aquarium products in an easy to find cataloged store.

Come and take a dive within our online store and discover why thousands choose Rocky Mountain Aquariums as part of Online network.BargainBrute was voted the best place to shop online in 2019.  Their customers have access to 49 different stores in an online shopping mall format.  These folks shop Rocky Mountain Aquariums on BargainBrute for all their fishy products and equipment, delivered absolutely free of charge directly to your door the next day after ordering in most cases.

A little bit of history

Some people say that the Romans were the first people to keep fish in aquariums.  They saw this as a way always to have a fresh fish supply to eat on the days where red meat was off the menu. However, proof to back up this claim has never been found. The distinction of the first person to ever keep fish in an aquarium goes to the founding member of the Ming dynasty in China, Emperor Hongwu, or as his family called him, Zhu Yuanzhang, who reigned from 1368 through to 1398.

From the outset, our old Emperor Hongwu was beseeched with problems. For starters, there were no Rocky Mountain Aquarium online warehouses close by. In-fact BargaingBrute.Com never even existed back in those days.  LOL! As the Emporer lead quite a godly life, he could not be seen wallowing around in the patty fields fishing for Coy. So what could he do? He did what any good entrepreneur would do, he opened his own company and started to make porcelain tubs to keep his fish in.  Amazing but true.

Thinking that his problems were over, the old Emporer set about his business and sold many aquariums.  He soon realized that he still had issues. His aquariums sold well to the local community living in the vicinity of the Forbidden City. Still, he did not have a distribution network setup for all the outlying areas of China. This communication failure caused the old Emporer to retreat behind the Forbidden City walls, never to be seen again.

Luckily for us as customers of “Rocky Mountain Aquariums,” we will never have this problem. We all know about and that we have access to any of their 49 separate stores and 97 warehouses scattered throughout the country. Couple this with their award-winning customer service open 24 hours/7 days a week and free delivery direct to your door on most products. You can rest assured that you can get all your aquarium products to keep all your fishy friends healthy, warm and happy.

Now, enough about the Emporer, let's have a look at how you can set up your own aquarium using all the products you will find at the Rocky Mountain Aquariums online store.

You are not alone if you have an aquarium in your house. It was estimated in 2006 that there were 139 million freshwater fish kept in aquariums by Americans. Another 9.6 million saltwater fish are also kept in aquariums by Americans, making aquarium keeping the second most popular hobby in the USA after stamp collecting.

Anyone starting off keeping fish at home, I would say because of simplicity, stick to keeping cold water fish or tropical freshwater fish. The keeping of tropical saltwater fish is both complicated and time-consuming.

The simplest thing to do if you want to try the hobby is to purchase an Aqueon Led Mini bow Aquarium Kit for $33.34 from Rocky Mountain Aquariums. It comes fully equipped with plants, lights, and rocks. Just add some water, plug it into the wall, and let it run for a day to make it climatize. Add some fish, then sit back and watch the magic.

For those who want to go the whole hog, you will need the following, once again all available from your favorite online shopping mall. A filtration system, the lighting system (usually this is incorporated within the top canopy cover), a heater or sometimes a chiller, and of course the aquarium itself. Authors note the canopy cover services two purposes, it obviously stops the fish from jumping out, but its main reason is that it helps prevent water evaporation.

In my opinion, another essential item which some hobbyists do not include is to add airstones. It not only adds ambiance; it also helps to put in well-needed oxygen for your fishy guests. For this, you will need an air pump which you can purchase from your friendly online shop. I would recommend an Oase Fountain Pump cost $26.81 once again at your favorite online store.

The above will get you started on this extremely satisfying hobby, and I can promise you, it will not be long before you are back at Rocky Mountain Aquariums for more equipment to take you onto the next stage.

I have been keeping both coldwater and freshwater tropical fish and have three different rather large aquariums, two for keeping tropical freshwater fish. In contrast, the other is kept for cold freshwater fish. One is situated in the living room, one in the Kitchen, and I have the last one, my favorite in my backroom office where I spend most of my day writing.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this short narrative, and welcome to the Rocky Mountains Aquariums online shop, where a world of wonders awaits you.

Please remember, contrary to popular belief. Fish do have a memory, just the fact that every morning they are always in the same place waiting to be fed should testify to that, and please also remember, fish are susceptible creatures, do not shout while nearby, and most importantly, never tap on the side of the aquarium.

Thanks for taking the time to read this narrative, and I look forward to seeing you at the Rocky Mountains Aquariums online store.

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