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a helpful guide to the airsoft gear up

Totally Airsoft at https://www.BargainBrute.Com

Before we get into the intriguing world of “Totally Airsoft,” We at BargainBrute.Com have just a small cautionary warning.

If it looks like a gun and feels like a gun, chances are it is a gun! So although Airsoft guns and accessories are not the real McCoy, they should be treated as real. You should follow the same safety rules as if you were using a real firearm.

Airsoft is not a game where people play. It's away of life. We make that life possible! Gear up at total airsoft at BarganBrute.Com.

A brief history

Airsoft first exploded on the scene in the early 1970s under the trademark “soft air guns” and rapidly gained popularity while adhering to Japan’s strict gun control policies of the time. The “soft air” derives from the compressed gas, typically a freon-silicone oil, used as the gun's propellent to force a small projectile through the air. This propellent was later changed to a much weaker propane-silicone oil mixture, making the guns much less powerful than the carbon dioxide mixture used in pellet and BB guns.

Although initially intended for target practice, it was quickly realized that these soft air guns could be shot at humans without any lasting damage. Although a small welt would appear at the place of impact, they soon became a favorite of gamers who would use them in small military war-games.

For the rest of the early 1970s, the “soft air guns” would mostly remain within Japan's confines until a British company, called “LS,” saw their potential and began importing them into the United Kingdom in the late 1980s.

Initially, items were sold in kits due to the popularity of model making in the UK. The user had to assemble their airsoft guns before they were capable of being fired. Once assembled, many of the model makers realized that they had the potential as a sporting opportunity. Many airsoft clubs sprang up around the country, all ensuring that they kept within the strict weapon laws in place at that time in the UK.

After this success in the UK, Airsoft replicas continued to be manufactured mainly within Asian countries but were shipped globally, including the United States. It was here that many law enforcement and military agencies saw their potential being used to train their personnel. The rest is now history.

The rules and regulations for gameplay are extensive, but as eluded to above, most reputable companies, especially the one you are dealing with here BargainBrute.Com, state that all users should at all times treat an “Airsoft” gun just like a real weapon. Furthermore, and most importantly, never, and I mean never, take off the airsoft weapon's orange tip, if it has one, that orange tip distinguishes them as not a real firearm to law enforcement officers.

The kit: Once you have your Airsoft gear purchased from the online Totally Airsoft shop at BargainBrute.Com, you will then, if you want to, become a member of one of the many airsoft enactment clubs scattered around the country. They can easily be found spread throughout the country. It is also helpful to know that BargainBrute.Com was voted the best place to shop online in 2019, so you are not going to be alone in shopping for AirSoft Gear here.

First up, you have to realize that a traditional pair of sunglasses or goggles will not stand up to an airsoft weapon. No problem, as you can purchase a pair of ballistic eyewear impact-rated goggles directly from “Totally Airsoft.”  Utterly free of the delivery charge, and what's more shipped out directly to your door the same day of order.  So now you have everything you require, it's time to go out and check the community safety regulations of your local airsoft chapter.

Community safety precautions

Now that you have had all your equipment shipped free of charge directly to your home from BargainBrute.Com, it's time to look at a few rules before you set off on your search for one of the many Airsoft clubs scattered around the United States.

The first thing you will notice is that most clubs have set a minimum engagement distance. Basically, you are not allowed to fire your weapon at a range set by the club, typically under 10ft,

During rest stages in the game, you will be required to muzzle your gun using a “barrel bag.,” also known as barrel socks, barrel condoms, barrel blockers, or barrel sleeves, which you place over the muzzle of your weapon just in case you have an accidental discharge. These safety items are an essential part of your kit, and BargainBrute.Com will have them all in stock ready to ship to you directly from their online “Totally Airsoft” shop.

Most clubs require more added precautions, and they include the following. While walking to the game area or while resting, you will be told to clear your weapon's chamber by discharging it and then release the magazine. Once accomplished, you will then set your gun to the safety position. In other words, you will use the same precautionary procedures as you would with a real gun.

Well, you have accomplished everything you need to do, so my task is finished. I wish you all the best and have fun safely at your local “Airsoft Club.”

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