Billionaire Programming for your Children’s Success

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My daughters are home-schooled. Sarah is 12 years old and is currently listed as a 12th grader. She tested as exceptional with the State of Arizona and Colorado and is doing very well. She attends class each day online in a virtual classroom with kids relatively a bit older than herself.  Recently, she became the youngest child in Colorado history to fully enroll in college.  So she is completing her high school diploma and bachelor’s degree at the same time. My 9-year-old Audrey can read and write and is moving to the 9th grade already this year. I honestly do not believe my children are more intelligent than other kids. I can only attest to the environment that they grew up in. You see, my girls have never been told anything other than that they are smart, can do it, and are beautiful. All three are true. You are what you think about or what you have been told or see around you in a child’s case. The human mind is a computer, an electrical switching station that controls the body. Do you know that not even the most brilliant scientist in the world knows what you or I can do? They have no idea. We are spiritual beings with limitless potential. That being said, the limits we do have are self-imposed, or those that have been placed upon us by others. Your brain can only act on the programming it receives. As parents, we are that programmer for our children in their early years. You tell your child they cannot do something, and I guarantee that they probably will not do it or even try. Later in life, we are responsible for our programming. We can change our programming by feeding our minds with good, positive things. A man I respect once told me that you have to change your life if you want to change your life. Until you do, you will not change your results. We always think it is external. We need a new job or need to move cities. No….. we need to change ourselves. We can do that by changing the programming in our minds. I want to recommend a book you can also listen to in the car on YouTube. It is called “As a man thinketh.” It is a short book that is long on knowledge. Remember when you interact with your kids that words matter. You are programming their minds. If you are not the programmer, then TV, friends, music, all program for you. I bet that you notice a different child when you program their thoughts with goodness, love, and kindness. It will bring about a change in your life too. Unbelievable success comes into your life when you love your family. Teach your children gratitude. Your kids will be what you make them into. If my child fails, I would feel that I have failed because my family represents me. Feel free to comment and ask questions or email me.
Douglas Vandergraph
CEO Vandergraph WorldWide