Best wireless charger for multiple devices

Best wireless charger for multiple devices

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Today we look at where the best wireless charger for multiple devices can be found and, of course, at the best possible price available.

Over the years, wireless automatic sensor car phone holder and charger reviews have been carried out on virtually all makes and models of this relatively resilient piece of electronics, a device which, if not there, would have rendered most portable electronic devices useless.

However, after reading most of these reviews, I have never found out just where most of these devices are manufactured and which ones are touted as the best or, for that matter which ones are the best.

Today we hope to open up the secrets of these beautiful and fascinating devices, and I can assure you this will not just be an intelligent sensor car wireless charger review. We will also delve into the strange world of a gentleman named Nikola Tesla, who was at all times an extraordinary, curious, and most courageous man.

As mentioned, if you have a smartphone, a cell phone, a portable radio, or even a laptop, then somewhere down the line, you will require a wireless charger, especially if you are going to use these pieces of electronics in your car, where luckily for us they make wireless car chargers just for use within your vehicle. Put, if you do not have one of these devices, then your electronic equipment will be rendered useless.

So just what is a wireless charger for multiple devices? Also known as a cordless charging device, it transfers power by electromagnetic induction to an electronic device to provide energy or charge the battery in said device.

You may better know it by the name of a Qi wireless charging standard and can charge such things as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and specific power tools you may find within your car.

Another widespread use for them is electric power toothbrushes, gum massagers, and electric razors in the bathroom. There is just one rule when using this device, however.

All equipment to be used while using this device needs to be placed as near as possible to the charging system, which is a simple induction coil (usually a black pad) for them to work (the closer, the better, although they do not have to be in direct line with the charging station anymore).

It sounds like magic, but it is not. The system relies on electromagnetism to generate an AC, which works on the rule that all electrical current produces a magnetic field, which creates an AC due to the magnetic field oscillating (going up and down).

Authors note: While writing this, I found myself thinking of my dear old gran who, in the mid-1950s, had electric lighting installed in her house. It took her at least five years before she ever touched one of the light switches. That’s how afraid she was of electricity. I wonder what she may have thought of wireless technology.

So who does these electronic wonders?

Anker Innovations Ltd., Perhaps one of the global leaders in charging technology, has everything you need for wireless charging and market their products under various brand names, including Anker, Eufy, Nebula, Roa,v, and Soundcore. If you want more info about this company, visit their website at anker.com.

Amazon is another place that stocks Anker Wireless Charging equipment. An example is the Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Pad, Compatible iPhone 10W Fast-Charging Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9 Note 8. One drawback, however, it does not come with an AC Adapter. Why? I honestly do not know, but I thought it rather strange.

BargainBrute.com, our hosts, has, as usual, perhaps one of the best deals on the market. A “Bakeey 10w Gravity Auto Lock Qi Wireless Fast Car Charger full of features including 10W qi wireless fast charger, an auto-lock design, use one hand to lock or unlock the phone on the holder, fits most central air vents, can be charged with case within 3mm and is compatible with most Qi wireless devices. The regular price $34.75, but you get it for $34.50 after discount, all in stock, ready to be delivered.

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Now, as promised, just a little about that strange but extraordinary talented man named Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a man who hated the sight of electrical wires, wires which he said spoiled the spectacular views of his beloved prairies. So he had a dream, what if he could transmit electricity through the air without electrical cables.

He started his work in 1902 in little Shoreham, New York, by building a giant tower that became known as the “Tesla Tower.” His idea was initially to enable the transmission of facsimiles, telegrams, and other messages across the Atlantic. However, from day one, Tesla had other ideas tucked up his sleeve. He hoped to transmit electrical power through the air.

Our inventor tried for many years without much success. However, one very dark night while reporters were present from local newspapers, as they were walking across the sodden fields towards the tower, the night sky suddenly erupted into long fashes of blinding lights, lighting up the areas for as far as the eyes could see.

Tesla, it would seem, had tried his new invention; however, when the reporters arrived at the tower, Tesla never mentioned anything about the flashing lights; thus, the reporters returned to their office’s none the wiser.

This was the last time the Tesla Tower would spring into action, and Tesla would spend his remaining life searching for more funding. He would become destitute and fall into a reclusive life before dying on January 7, 1943, from a coronary thrombosis. He was 86. However, luckily for us all, his work’s legacy lived on, so I suppose you could call Nikola Tesla the grandfather of the Best wireless charger for multiple devices.

Authors note: This is a very brief note of this man’s remarkable life. There is, in fact, much much more, too much for this article. Perhaps one day, I will give you the full Telsa story.

Well, friends, that is the end of another short article, and I thank you for your time. It is most appreciated.

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