best tent for camping with baby

Best tent for camping with a baby

Hello and welcome to another short narrative made possible by our hosts BargainBrute.com, recently voted America’s favorite place to shop online in 2020. Today we take a look at the “Best tent for camping with baby,” we will also give some tips on how to both organize your camping trip with your newborn baby and how to set up your tents and campsite to get the best possible enjoyment on what is probably your first holiday with your young child.

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Even the more experienced campers can find the prospects of camping with a tiny baby rather daunting. However, do not fret, as with today’s modern camping gear, you can have a most enjoyable camping trip out in the wildlands of North America.

My favorite spot is in upstate New York, close to a small town called Chateauguay, just south of the American Canadian border. It is here I first camped with all my five children, close to a fantastic waterfall which tumbles down from the mountainside onto sleek marble-covered rocks made as clear as glass, from the glittering mountain water sliding over them for the past thousand years. Yes, it is genuinely a magical spot.

If there are just two of you who regularly go camping, then you probably already have a small two-person tent, one which quite obviously will not fit your needs now that you have a tiny infant.

Once again, do not fret, as although you will need to get a larger tent, the small tent can be kept to store other camping gear like clothes, electronics, cooking utensils, and food. Thus freeing up space in the main tent.

It may surprise you that you do not have to spend a small fortune on a large tent. You can, by visiting our hosts BargainBrute, find a 6 Persons Pop Up Easy Set-up Camping Costway Tent With Bag measuring 26.97″ x 6.69″ x 6.69″ with full features including two-way zippers which are easy to be used from inside or out, made of 190T polyester with PU coating B4 fine gauze and 9.5mm FB poles. This sturdy tent is water-proof, wind-proof, and can keep out the sunshine. It is all yours delivered directly to your door regular price of $153.99, but after a generous 6.15% discount of $144.52, just one of the fantastic BarginBrute top-quality bargain-priced products they have in stock in one of their 97 warehouses scattered throughout mainland America.

Next, to go into your new-found tent, you will require somewhere for the baby to sleep. Once again, our host BargainBrute has the answer. All you have to provide is babies favorite bed linen to go on it. I would recommend using the baby’s regular bed linen as they can notice this, and it will give them a more homely sense of comfort while out in the wilds.

This product is full of safety figures for baby’s safety a 48″ Breathable Baby Swing Down Safety Costway Bed Rail Guard-blue,  the sturdy iron frame and foldable T-shaped supporting legs will increase steadiness and provide the best protection for your baby’s safety and no worries for keeping it clean as it comes in washable Oxford cloth and breathable mesh cloth, thus ensuring more softness and comfort for your baby. If it sounds expensive, then think again, as it comes in at a discounted price of $46.69. Once again delivered directly to your front door, yet another fantastic BargainBrute top bargain.

Next up, you want to make sure that your newest family addition is always free and secure, so the following product is necessary. A Vtech Dm221 Safe&sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor, this 2-piece baby monitoring system DECT 6.0 digital technology eliminates background noise & prevents interference. It has an extended range of up to 1,000ft, a vibrating sound alert & a backlit display on the parent unit. This 5-level sound indicator helps to monitor room noise levels even with the company muted. Yes, this is a must. Now you can sit around your campfire and enjoy the night sky while knowing that baby is all safe and sound tucked up in bed. Once again, it sounds expensive, but once again, BargainBrute has excelled. All yours delivered directly to your door for the discounted price of $39.12.

There you have it. You, apart from other supplies, which if you are a regular camper you may still have, have to purchase some food, and you are all ready to go. However, before you do, there are a few things which you must do and a few things you should know.

As this is baby’s first time under canvas, I would recommend you camp out in your back garden for a few days. This will get your new bundle of fun used to the new surroundings.

Location of where you are going to camp for the first time is essential. I would camp quite close to home on your first trip and at a place where they provide all amenities.

At your campground, ensure you have access to good safe drinking water. This is a must. Without it, you cannot prepare your baby’s food or pre-prepared foods, there are today on the market, and once again, BargainBrute has them squeeze packs of pureed baby food to make your camping trip that much easier.

Location: This is very important once you have chosen your campsite, try and book a slightly distant spot from other campers this will stop any potential noise problems.

This next item is perhaps the most important one. Always protect both you and your baby from the sun and insects, remembering that it can be harmful to use adult sunscreens and insect repellents on a baby not to use them. Fortunately, however, pop over and visit the baby section of BarginBrute.com, and you will find all you need to protect your toddler their Bottom of Form.

Well, folks, that’s the end of this camping for the baby article, and I would like to wish you all very happy camping. Pop back tomorrow, and we will find something else to explore, just what at the moment I have no idea, but as usual, hopefully, something of interest.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at Bargainbrute.com, we thank you for shopping with us.

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