Best online shopping for graphic tees

Best online shopping for graphic tees

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Today we will look at graphic T-shirts and if you thought that T-shirts were rather mundane, then think again as their history is nothing but short of amazing.

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Way back in the 19th-century, stevedores and miners regularly worked in their underwear due to the hot and acrid-smelling place they were working. Stevedores, especially while working at the docks unloading bails of cotton, had an especially horrid time. Many probably did not realize that the very cotton they were unloading would be used in the same underwear they were wearing.

Their underwear, of course, was much different than the underwear most men wear today. They were mostly made of cotton or wool. They were usually a one-piece garment with flaps on the rear and the front, which they could easily lift when they had to relieve themselves. The neck typically had a few buttons allowing the wearer to loosen the neck if he became too hot.

It is not known when the first T-shirts were worn. However, it is known that during the 1898-1913 Spanish-American War, the American military started to issue them to their troops.

Yes, long underwear was issued to both officers and enlisted men. Of course, the officer’s version was slightly different from the regular soldier’s. An officer’s underwear had four black buttons at the neck level. The ordinary soldier just had three white buttons at the neck level, apparently done so that an officer could be recognized even while he or she was doing their business. I have to say the mind sometimes boggles.

One coal miner, we are told while working deep in a Welsh coalmine, became covered in coal dust, some of which covered his eyes. Attempting to dislodge the dirt from his eyes to no avail using the sleeve of the garment, he ripped the top half of the underwear away from the bottom half, then turning the now pulled top half inside out, rubbed the coal dust way from his eyes before placing the now ripped garment back on his body.

The T-shirt’s birth had taken place, and in just ten years, in 1920, the word T-shirt found its place in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The world from that day on would change forever as manufacturers scrambled to create designs and advertisements on an article of clothing once worn in the trenches of the 1st World War. The humble T-shirt would also get a significant boost when Marlon Brando wore one in the hit movie “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

However, although T-shirts rapidly gained popularity, it was not until 1942 that an Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt appeared in the popular magazine of the day. Life magazine’s cover was where the T-shirt became the iconic self expressional article of today’s clothing. By this time, all buttons were removed from the neckline, so both officers and enlisted men looked identical no matter what they were doing.

Today what else can be said about the everyday T-shirt? Today there are thousands of different makes and brands, too many to list here. One company specializing in just T-shirts is the mega-chain “Hip hop fashion,” which even has T-shirts that extend to below the knees, popular with ladies who prefer to wear them to bed instead of a nightgown. They also have knee-length T-shirts designed to be worn with a pair of leggings. Yes, the T-Shirt has grown and will do so as our tastes continue to change.

Another significant boost in T-shirts’ marketing happened after the proliferation of online shopping in the early 2000s. Many new trends of T-shirt designs exploded across the nation. Yes, normal brick-and-mortar retail outlets stocked them, but not to the extent of our online shopping retail outlets. Some new designs also printed graphics on the inside of the garment so that a person could, when celebrating something, lift his or her hands above their heads while at the same time bringing their T-shirt up to reveal another design on the inside of the T-shirt. This T-shirt became known as the “flip-up T-shirt,” a popular design, especially with the graphic designs printed on the garment’s inside and exterior.

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention the role social media platforms had in developing the now, not so humble T-shirt. Just type in the word T-shirt on any search engine, and you will get a quick list of different videos, all of which display the latest trends and designs of the T-shirt. Other videos also explain how you can create a graphic T-shirt from your own home’s comfort.

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Well, friends, that’s the end of another narrative. I do hope you enjoyed reading it, and I thank you for your time.

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