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Bargain Sites

Welcome to you all to another BargainBrute short informative narrative. A narrative that we hope will help you all to find out just where the best “Bargain sites in North America and Canada” are situated and how you can go about sourcing just where you can find the hottest online bargains on the internet has to offer.

According to an analysis undertaken by “BIG-research,” an American research company currently specializing in retail marketing analysis, American shoppers are expected to invest, on average, $800.00 per person in this year alone both on holiday merchandise and regular online shopping.

The research company also estimates that if present trends continue, as is expected, then this consumer buying spree will, in fact, rise on average to a minimum of $1,000.00 or more, which is obviously excellent news for all the online bargain sites presently trading throughout mainland America.

The above figures, I think you will agree, are striking. With new technology, all intended to help the average online shopper (like me) find the better bargain websites operating in today’s vast online shopping economy.

Yes, how things have changed since the old days of the global internet. Unlike before, there are a virtual array of Web sites all geared towards helping online clients find those sometimes elusive bargains, good news indeed. No longer is it just a hit and miss take what you want philosophy, far from it, as you will see later in this short article.

Some of these sites post deals on everything from clothes to electronics. Some even offer you money when you shop, even if that comes in extra money-saving coupons to be spent on that website.

Others will provide you with coupon codes that you redeem when you arrive at the online “Shopping Cart” checkout, automatically subtracting the amount rewarded off your original bill. Although, I should mention, in most cases, you do have to spend a certain amount of cash before you receive these online rewards.

Other sites will also help you compare prices before you shop with them. It is an excellent idea, and it is also a strong indicator as to the real values of an online retailer, much similar to our hosts BargainBrute.Com which are one of America’s still operating family-run online retail businesses.

Some specialized sites are set up solely to give you pre warnings of special deals before they even hit the streets, and I include special deal holidays or events like “Black Friday,” “Christmas,” “Boxing day sales,” to mention a few. You know, even if you have never shopped online before, try browsing through all the different “Online Bargain Stores” and do a bit of comparison shopping, then you can make up your own mind.

So, do I shop online this winter from the comfort of my own home, or do I continue to force my way through crowds of sometimes very unpolite shoppers on a cold day and take a chance on traditional brick and mortar retail shopping, even though you have no idea whatsoever if they have in stock what you were searching for in the first place.

Below for your information are a few online retail “Bargain Sites” which are well worth a visit, in no particular order, and unrated by me. I will leave that choice solely up to you.

DealsOfAmerica: Clever site which updates deals every hour, so you are always sure to have the latest bargain site news. They provide you with an incredibly vivid description relating to each product, the online store where you can find the item, and of course, what the favorite list price is so you will know immediately whether the product you want to buy is, in fact, a great deal and also if it is in stock.

The site also provides coupons, a Black Friday bargains center, a price comparison tool, a list of products or services accessible for free, after rebate or voucher, and a hot deal e-mail warning you can sign in to receive.

Authors note: In a rather nice touch, all deals advertised on this website are from top online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores, all of which are well-known nationwide branded retailers.

Slickdeals.net and AbleShoppers: Both list bargain deals by date, so you will notice when new items are being added. They both offer online coupons, and both are set up much similar to the “DealsOfAmerica,” website above, with the exception that “AbleShoppers,” also provides shopping recommendations and sends out if you signup for it an e-mail newsletter.

Dealtaker.com: It has quite a broad remit but is well worth a visit as it lists several deals on its home page, but you will also find hundreds more listed in forums they have linked to. Within these forums, all of which have over 60,000 forum members listed, where you will find a treasure trove of online bargain site deals.

Yes, I found this website very interesting and well set out. I also especially liked how they included news on all the “Black Friday” day scams along with a heads up on rumored upcoming addition. They offer discount coupons, all of which are redeemable at over 1,500 online retail units, a price search engine, an e-mail notification of deals, once again if you had a mind to sign up with them.

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