Bargain shopping online

Bargain shopping online

Welcome to you all. We hope you enjoy today’s short narrative made possible once again by America’s favorite online retail outlet Bargainbrute.com.

Today, we look at the future of online shopping as online bargain hunters shift from searching online for bargains using traditional desktop computers over to faster and more convenient mobile devices such as cellphones, or for that matter, their more modern version of smartphones.

Within this article, we hope to demonstrate what effect this will have on both online retail outlets, and of course, online bargain hunters the world over.

Yes, it would seem the world has gone mobile, and it is also plain to see that online shopping, especially when searching for bargains online, will never be the same again. It is also clear that most online retail virtual shopping outlets are all striving for part of this massive potential customer base, and who can blame them when analysts inform us that over 1.2 billion people globally gain access to the internet using their smartphones.

If you thought that mobile online shopping had peaked, then you would be wrong. The giant smartphone makers, “Apple iPhone,” “Vivo,” “Motorola,” and “LG,” to name a few, have designed their mobile devices so well that they are now much more inexpensive, thus making them much more accessible to more and more people, people who just a few short years ago would not have had the funds to even think of purchasing one.

Add that to the astonishing rise of eCommerce in recent years. Then it is plain to see that mCommerce will not only grow but become the norm.

Yes, the days of searching for online bargains using a traditional desktop computer are now definitely numbered, so online retailers beware. If you do not ensure your online shopping website is not mobile-friendly, then you may as well give up now.

Still not sure if you should create a mobile-friendly website? Then examine the statistics below.

In 2019, approximately 80% of Americans owned a smartphone. That is an astonishing 262 million people, an increase of 46% in just six years, and that number is still growing. Now, knowing that, compare that figure to a basic landline telephone, “believe it or not,” it took 45 years before that same amount of people adopted a regular landline telephone.

Still not convinced, then think of this. Americans seem to have more time on their hands than we initially thought, as it would appear they spend over four hours on their smartphone every day, 365 days of the year, sometimes checking their smartphones at least 150 times.

So, let us move on with this; if you are an online retailer, what should you be aware of, and how do potential online bargain hunters find you in the first place?

The good news is that approximately four-fifths of Americans now shop online, using their mobile device. That is an astonishing 262 million delighted online bargain hunters. If analysts are correct, then at least half of these will find your online store and undoubtedly take up your offers, making you the owner of an online shopping website very happy as well.

Next, pay attention to all social media platforms. I cannot stress this enough as it has become quite clear that a vast number of online shopping bargain hunters come across your online business by accident while browsing through social media platforms like “Facebook,” “Instagram,” “YouTube,” and “WhatsApp,” to name a few.

Authors note: If you can remember that some social media platforms disallow tagging, it is a good idea to tag as many of your products as possible as this makes it exceptionally simplistic for social media users to find you online. I am told that if you do try this on Instagram, you will get great results, and after all, it is free, so you will not lose anything.

So what else can an online shopping retailer do to entice all these new online shopping bargain hunters over to his or her website?

For me, the most exciting development that some online retailers are turning to improve the whole online shopping experience is by utilizing “Augmented Reality.” This newfound technology may seem very futuristic but believe me, it is not, as some online readers are already testing it.

So why am I so excited? This new technology allows the online buyer to upload a picture of him or her onto an online shopping site, thus allowing them to overlay different clothing items onto themselves to see what they will look like with it on before they make the purchase. In essence, the online retailer is giving you an online changing room, and for me, that completely blows me away. I have to admit I have not yet tried this new technology, but I have seen it in action while using a demo version.

Authors note: Retailers testing or using “Augmented Reality” include Bloomingdale’s and JC Penney, to name two. However, I think the main reason they have taken up this newfound technology is to attract back some of the clients who have left traditional brick-and-mortar shopping outlets to shop online at the more convenient and quicker online shopping outlets.

In ending this short narrative, “Bargain shopping online goes mobile,” I would like to leave you with this thought, I firmly believe that if you would like to attract more online bargain hunters to your online shopping website, if you do not give any of your potential online bargain hunters a positive experience within your online store, then they will leave you, never to return.

Well, my dear friends, I have reached the end of this short narrative, and I do thank you for checking in. It is most appreciated, and I look forward to seeing you again shortly for another story made possible by my friends over at BargainBrute.com.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph extended family and every employee at Bargainbrute.com, we thank you for shopping with us today.