Bargain Coupons

Bargain Coupons

Welcome to another BargainBrute.com short informational narrative. Today, we will discuss where to find those tremendous money-saving coupons that make all our gifts or products much less expensive. However, before we do, we will take a look at the following.

What if you needed coupons to keep you alive? It sounds pretty terrible. However, the British Isles people during the 2nd World War needed just that, coupons. I mean hundreds of them, all of which were issued by the British government to everyone living in the United Kingdom to keep them alive. I found these old ration books in a small box my Father had left them in, in a little hut at the bottom of our garden. They do make an interesting read.

Dig for victory was the phrase, and dig for victory it would seem most people did in wartime England. Yes, everything was rationed and would be up until the mid-1950s. I remember quite vividly the day sweet rationing was over, my father took me by the hand, and we went to the sweet shop and served sweets for the first time in more than ten years.

The cheese was rationed, 1ounce of cheese for each child. Clothing was rationed, so most people made their own. Eggs were rationed, one egg for each child per week. Most ate scrambled eggs made out of water and egg yolk. The white of the egg was used to make a sweet drink which we would have while snuggling together in the little bomb shelter we had in the garden.

Meat 2 ounces per child and spread over seven days. You did not get much, I can tell you.

Petrol was rationed and would be up until about 1954. Even the steel railings at the front of the house did not get off scot-free. This is what was printed on a flyer that came with the ration books:

“Following the rations already posted and published in the local press and in the exercise of the powers offered under section 50 and 53 of the defense (general) regulations 1939, the railings of this property will be removed immediately for the use of armaments and military headgear”.

Yes, they were extraordinary times indeed, times I do not think I will ever forget. Now on with our story, just where do all these money-saving coupons come from.

Wikibuy has a lot to do with this by offering an extended mobile app and browser extension that helps you get better deals when shopping online. Remember, Wikibuy is an online shopping assistant. They do not help you just because they love you. They also need to make money, so be aware of this when using them.

You may not want to use Wikibuy to save yourself a bit of money, as you can also utilize it to compare prices among numerous online retailers when looking for better coupon codes or deals among the many sellers who operate within the Amazon chain of networks where a seemingly never-ending amount of online shopping tools exist to help you in your coupon search.

If you’re into online shopping, and most of us are, you probably know how complicated it may be to find a better-priced gift among the many different online retailers. All of which, at some time or the other, give out bargain coupons to attract more visitors to their website.

Some sellers offer the same product at low prices, even on Amazon. Prices you will be highly unlikely to find the same product anywhere else on the internet, and that is why most retailers have started giving you money-saving coupons to make the gift you are buying even more attractive to you.

However, getting the correct coupon code often needs an enormously extensive search, which sometimes takes up even more of your time and patience than is required. This is where Wikibuy comes into the comparison. However, once you get your coupon code, remember that the browser extension will immediately do most of the footwork and continue to compare prices even while shopping online.

Wikibuy, a history in online shopping

Founded in Austin, Texas, in 2014, because of the rise of online shopping, the firm snowballed so quickly that Capital One Bank obtained it in 2018 for an undisclosed amount.

Yes, I think that the Capital bank was so impressed with Wikibuy’s attributes, its product search tool, designed in such a way that even while sitting at home, a person can easily continue to search for gifts and products even while still online and on occasion from the relative comfort of your living room armchair by using their automatic browsing search tool. Remember, Wikibuy is not just a tool for finding those low-cost deals on the internet. It can be used to compare millions of costs and prices while still shopping in your favorite online retail outlet.

For example, when you are inside your favorite retail store and find a product you are interested in, take it off the shelf and scan the barcode. The app will then instantly search for competitive prices at other top online retailers, thus allowing you to know you have the best price on the gift you were planning to buy. It is that simple.

Trending Deals: Just like other similar service industries, MyPoints or InboxDollars, for example, Wikibuy offers credits from most of the top retailers. You can get 1% back on all purchases you paid for at Dell.com, 2% from Walmart.com, 9% on purchases at JCPenney, or 4% from Groupon, and if that was not all, to support the local business, they also have a “Local Offers” section, where you can get 4% or more back from local retailers and restaurants. Not bad for a company that relies solely on its members to pass on just what they paid for each product they searched for.

Wikibuy Coupon Codes: Everyone knows that you can search in your browser by putting in (google “[store name] + promo code”)  before checking what the bargain price is online, but it takes much time only to uncover that half the promo codes you find do not work anyway. This is where, once again, Wikibuy comes in and takes the hassle out of tracking down your money-saving bargain coupons and coupon codes instantly. It is all made possible by the millions of subscribers “Wikibuy” has on its books. People like you are just looking for one thing: that red hot online shopping deal.

Another great reason that I have grown to admire Wikibuy is while you are online shopping and another Wikibuy user finds and uses a new code. That code is immediately accessible to the rest of the Wikibuy community, all several million of them. In other words, you do not even have to open a new browser tab to find the promo code. It’s done for you, automatically. Now that can’t be bad, can it?