Amazing Bedroom Facts

Hi to everyone, and welcome to another BargainBrute.Com short informational narrative. Today we will explore a few amazing facts about that room we all sleep in, the “Bedroom.” If you are like me, you may be amazed at some of the amazing facts about both the “Bedroom” and the “Bed’.

Yes, I have to admit that I had to check some facts about this piece of furniture and the room in which it is placed while researching this.

Why will you be amazed? Because some of these extraordinary facts seem so bazaar, I found them hard to believe. I have researched this short narrative three times over, so I can assure you all these facts are true.

So with no further to do, please sit back and be prepared to be amazed as we explore the inner sanctums of what is probably one of the most important rooms and items of fixtures you have in your home.

Welcome to the world of the “Bedroom,” a room that some maintain is where all life originates.

The Bedroom:

We start our journey some 24 million years ago when early beds were little more than a pile of leaves or straw beds made by early humans struggling to keep warm in the depths of the caves they were living in. We know this as one of these first bedrooms were found by archaeologists while exploring caves in the Sibudu Cave complex in South Africa, where they found simple beds made from palm leaves and straw covered with aged animal hides, hides which scientists say were probably taken from animals which the cave dwellers had killed for part of their eating requirements.

Of course, the beds the scientists recovered within these caves were not what we today can describe as proper beds. We would have to wait a few more hundred years, in fact over a thousand years, for the first entirely constructed bedroom, including furniture, to come to light.

At about 3200 BC, humankind made a giant leap forward and raised a sleeping platform above the ground to sleep out of contact with the cold rock-strewn ground. At last, humanity had resembled today’s modern bedroom was formed in a small fishing village in northern Scotland.

Archaeologists made this finding while excavating a site close to a small fishing village in Northern Scotland. What they found there was astonishing. There, before their eyes, was a complete small house, filled with furniture made from stone and wood and of course, a bedroom.

In this bedroom were beds raised off the floor employing wooden made boxes, and surrounding that bed was a stone dressing table and even a bedside table. I do not know how comfortable the bed was. However, as the pillows were made out of the stone mined from the closeby limestone quarries, one can assume that it lacked the comfort department. The scientists also noted that the beds had been covered in animal skins and other soft layers to make the hard bed slightly more comfortable for the occupier.

Yes, the bedroom had arrived, and the population of that small fishing village in Northern Scotland exploded.

Luckily for us today’s humans, our beds and bedroom furnishings are much more comfortable, and of course, we do not have to build them. We have to find a furnishing company who sells these kinds of furnishings.

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This next section deals with a tax that, believe it or not, and the British Government placed on public or council houses during the 20th Century. The tax was called The “Bedroom Tax,” yes, you heard me correctly. The British Government placed a tax on the bedroom, and this tax stayed in place until 2015 when it was scrapped due to the public outcry it had caused.

I have to say I am originally from the United Kingdom and can remember my dear old Dad being arrested. With many other old-age pensioners, many of whom were vets, he marched to their local government offices to protest this tax. I will have to dig out the old picture I have of him as he, along with hundreds of others, was being released from the local Police headquarters.

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