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Toys have been with us for thousands of years and are used for both plays and for developing cognitive skills, without which our children would never succeed in modern-day life. We know that the popular novelty of playing with toys has been with us for thousands of years as archaeologists unearthed a toy doll thought to be over 4,000 years old. Other archaeological finds include bird-shaped whistles, toy monkeys that moved on string pieces, and small carts. These were all found from one archaeological dig in the Indus Valley, South Asia, where a Bronze Age civilization was once located between 3010–and 1500 BCE.

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ALTHOUGH I DID NOT REALIZE IT when I was a young lad, money was tight.  With Mom and friends’ help, we made most of our playthings using things we would find lying around. Mom would make us box kites out of newspapers, glue made out of flour, and my mates. We would scurry around one of the many bomb sites that could still be seen throughout England’s towns and villages after the 2nd World War.

We would look for old wheels off old prams and pushchairs found half-buried amongst the rubble of what used to be someone else’s house to make gocarts. Once detected, we would build our gocarts and enter them into one of the many local gocart Derbys held every Saturday. It never occurred to us that these once belonged to someone who was now possibly dead, but that was the sort of life we were then living. We just carried on having as much fun as best we could.

Those days are now long gone. Just memories tucked away within the grey matter we call our brain, just waiting to pop out when a distant smell or sound percolates over our nostrils taking us back to those days of old. We will never forget days that we will pass on to our children to pass on to their children. This is our heritage and should never be forgotten, and it is why we are molded like we are. While rummaging through the amazing stock offered at Toys For Dayz,  I could not help thinking what we kids would have thought of companies like Toys For Dayz who have all these beautiful hidden treasures just waiting for us to pick up anytime we want. It was a different world, a world I shall never forget, a world which I do not want to forget, as it is a world that made me as I am today.

Today’s mini Featurette

Did you know that in the 3rd century BCE, the Greeks came up with what is thought to be the world’s oldest mechanical puzzle? (by the way, you can find puzzles if that is your thing at Toys For Dayz, the best place to shop online) The game revolved around a square divided into 14 different shapes, and the aim was to create various forms by utilizing the first segments.

Did you know that both boys and girls played with dolls made out of clay, wax, or if they came from a wealthy family terracotta in both Greece and ancient Rome? When they came of age, especially the girls, some as young as 14 would sacrifice their toys to the gods. Girls also would offer up any dolls they had left in their local temple signifying their right of passage into adulthood.

Please do not worry about any toys you buy from Toys For Dayz. You will not have to give them up once you reach adulthood. It’s a good thing because you won’t find any other online shop or mall offering their products at such good quality, all at unbeatable bargain prices.

Perhaps one of the most adoring things about raising children is the sudden realization that you do not have to spend a fortune entertaining them. Many parents have been left in total shock after spending a small fortune on a birthday or Christmas present when, in amazement, they watch as their child starts to play with the box the gift came in. This will not happen if you buy your presents from America’s favorite online shopping mall, Toys For Dayz, because of their amazing prices, not seen anywhere else on the world wide web.

Blowing bubbles from leftover washing up liquid springs immediately to mind in my case, the hula hoop craze which swept across both America and the United Kingdom in the 1960s is another childhood memory of mine, and I have already mentioned the box kite-making skills of my mother earlier on in this short narrative. Unfortunately, however, times have changed, and in the hectic world we live in today, both Mom and Dad must work to survive, so it goes beyond reason that many parents now turn to the skills of an online trusted shopping mall like Toys For Dayz to provide all their children’s educational and material requirements.

The turn of the 20th century was upon us, and something magical happened, wages increased, and for the first time, it was not just the wealthy children who were given toys. For the first time, working-class parents could, at last, offer their children toys of a high quality, something that we now tend to take for granted. This, coupled with the new conveyor belt system of mass production, allowed all to share in the wonders of the toy and what was one of the most popular toys ever invented? Amazingly, the simple tub of plasticine, a toy you can purchase from  Toys For Dayz when used by an ecstatic child, will help mold him or her to be a next-generation inventor.

Once again, it has been wonderful speaking with you, and I appreciate your time reading this short world of toys story. I hope to meet up with you again at the world’s favorite online toyshop.

See you on the inside, and remember there is always a child hidden in every one of us.

Happy toy shopping.

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