A Vandergraph Family Secret…….

It is the little things that define us. We do not eat out very often, but we always end our dining experience precisely the same way when we do. When the waiter or waitress brings us the ticket, we always request four pieces of paper and a pen. I give a piece to my wife and girls. We each then take turns writing down a comment or two either about the server or the service they provided that we liked. I then collect the papers and put them with the ticket and my debit card. I cannot tell you have many times a server has returned to our table in tears or with a massive smile on their face. Always in appreciation for the compliment. I have had servers ask us not to leave a tip, indicating our kindness is more than enough. They do, however, get a tip. I prefer to go more than is expected in every circumstance. We had an enjoyable experience this past Saturday at a restaurant in Fort Collins, Co. We left our customary notes of appreciation. Our waitress returned to our table in tears and left us a message. We got a chance to experience how it feels to have a new friend give us a taste of our own medicine. I will never lose this note. For the rest of my life, I want to be able to return to that moment and have it be a reminder. It is good manners and an excellent example for your children to leave things in better shape than when you found them. This rule applies not only to other people’s borrowed possessions but also to their borrowed time. Teach your children to leave people better for meeting and spending time with them. There is an unlimited and untapped amount of success to be had by treating others with care. Reach out and contact me. Tell me about the things you and your family do to show appreciation for others and their time.

I believe in you! 🙂


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Douglas Vandergraph