Clean Air Conditioner

A good air conditioner is a clean air conditioner.

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Here is a little project you can keep yourself occupied with to take your mind off this devastating Coronavirus pandemic. It is a simple way to keep that incredible machine, the air conditioner going.

The world’s first air conditioner cooled the world way back in 1902 and was invented by a Willis Carrier, who could be found most days walking through the foggy streets of Brooklyn, New York, often in times of extreme heat blistering temperatures.


We start our story during a time when the weather can only be described as much the same as today, hot, sweltering, and humid, just three words that immediately spring to the mind of this writer.


Our hero was not the first person to suffer through a new York heatwave. Anyone who has already been there can testify that I am accurate, not exaggerating.

It has to be said that, as a result of the above, the engineers of the day maybe had other things on their minds, which I am sure they found much more important. However, a young man who as mentioned above, loved to walk the streets of foggy Brooklyn did come up with answers to why the simple act of cleaning your good old fashion air conditioner was so complicated, and that was why, later in life, he would go on to create the Carrier Corporation a multinational Air Conditioning Company based in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

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OK, now on with our story: Now that you have purchased your brand new air conditioning unit, you have to keep it clean. If you don’t, then you will soon find yourself back at the place where you obtained it in the first place.

The cleaning schedule is the monthly filter cleaning, which should only be done once you have disconnected the unit from all possible electrical supplies and outlets.

Combine both the aluminum and conditioner coils, remembering not to use alcohol, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide as they are dangerous to people’s health, especially young infants. Clearly, label both your spray bottles or, for that matter, any other containers you may be using to clean the conditioner. As mentioned above, most of these products can be sourced from our hosts.

If you should have a shop vac, it would also be good to see that you have the covers of your appliance and blow out the primary condenser coils, generally found to the rear of the unit. Be careful when doing this as these coils can retain their heat over long periods, so once again, when you have unplugged your unit, wait for at least two hours before undertaking this stage.

Have a quick sniff of your unit as nasty things like mildew can build up over time. You can usually spot this as mildew has a blackish color and will flake. If you touch this horrid chemical, wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand cleanser that you can find most days now at a traditional brick-and-mortar shopping center or one of your local government offices.

Authors note: You can make your handwash by combining 3% alcohol mixed with 97% of water, be careful as alcohol is flammable, so use it under extreme caution and, as usual, keep it out of the reach of children.

Many of us make a fundamental mistake after first buying an air conditioner to keep turning the machine on and off. This will not 1. do the device any good, and 2. will not cool your house down any faster. It will also increase your electricity bills enormously, so once you have set your conditioner up for the first time, just let it run. Of course, switch it off during the winter months.

Sometimes as with all good things, no matter how diligent you are, cleaning your unit, as described above, will make no difference whatsoever, so with this in mind, I would encourage you all to throw all caution to the wind and carry out a full manufacturer’s deep clean. All information can be found at your local hardware shop or online at your favorite retail shopping organization.

Authors note: Believe it or not, to stop water dripping over your beautiful newly tiled kitchen floor while carrying out the suggestions above, drop by a local shop and buy yourself one of those large silver turkey basting trays (again, our hosts BargainBrute always have these all in stock) place your air conditioner in the tray, obviously disconnecting it first.

Then and only then will you be OK to clean away, while chanting “A good air conditioner is a clean air conditioner,” and it was all thanks to a young man who liked to walk in the foggy streets of Brooklyn, New York.

You all take care now, and please take the time to spare a thought for all the homeless who have been thrown onto the streets during this terrible Coronavirus pandemic through no fault.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at Bargainbrute.com, we thank you for shopping with us.

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